Gallery Dept Teary Eyes Graphic T-shirt Reps


  • Custom weaving and dyeing 21 pieces of 230 grams of high-weight cotton and linen fabrics, round simple cloth technology without side seams, custom threads, comfortable and skin-friendly fabrics without any strange feeling, good color fastness of printing, not easy to crack when washed
  • Professional factory, 1:1 same as the original

  • We need 1-2 days to prepare your package. If the product has quality problems, we need to go to the warehouse to replace it.
  • After the package is sent out, we will send you a Tracking email.
  • The package will be delivered in 7-10 days.
  • Protect your shoe box with a protective box.
  • If the package is seized and lost by customs, we will re-ship it for free.
  • Except for Switzerland, Japan and South Korea, other countries do not need to pay custom tax.