Denim Tears EST 1619 Shorts Reps


  • True to size!
  • Comfortable and affordable!
  • 100% Cotton

The term “EST 1619” often refers to the year 1619 in Eastern Standard Time (EST), but in a historical or cultural context, it’s likely referring to a significant event in North American history. The year 1619 is notable for the arrival of the first African slaves in the English colonies of North America, specifically at Point Comfort, in the present-day state of Virginia. This event marks the beginning of the history of African Americans in North America and is considered a pivotal moment in the history of slavery in the United States. The recognition of this date highlights the long history and impact of slavery on American society, culture, and economy. It’s a year that has gained attention in discussions and initiatives aimed at understanding and addressing the legacy of slavery and racism in the United States.