OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan 4 ‘Sail’ Replica For Sale

OFF WHITE JORDAN 4 “SAIL” REPLICA is finally released. Keep everyone waiting. We believe this is the highest quality fake AJ OFF WHITE 4 SAIL reps on the market. Shoe molds and leathers cost the factory 70,000 US dollars. It took more than a month to make an order for the original leather and materials. It is the best 1:1 off white sail you can shop. Matching dark pants will highlight its desert color.Now, we have updated the version, the quality is better again.

The US size in option below is US Men’s Size. 



(83 customer reviews)

Features & Compatibility

OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan 4 'Sail' Reps

Customer Reviews

83 reviews for OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan 4 ‘Sail’ Replica For Sale

  1. salaheddineelhafian12

    Can you deliver in the netherlands

  2. Hunter

    If I buy the shoe. will the off white tag come with it?

  3. Soup (verified owner)

    Absolutely fckn amazing there litterally Ua’s or even retail perfect shoe?

  4. Sh1ggy

    Do you ship in Luxemburg

  5. Zac Mann

    Do they come with the StockX tag?
    Also are they legit?

  6. Gianni (verified owner)

    Great service so far is a size 12 mens sizing or women’s sizing for this shoe.

  7. Broski

    Will there be a black fridy sale?

  8. Fratm

    do you ship to italy?

  9. Adrien Garcia

    Do you guys ship anywhere in the United States

  10. Mohammed

    Do you ship to Jordan

  11. Mathias

    Do you ship to Canada?

  12. rianna8367

    is the size running by male or female

  13. Donu

    Is The same color with The originals?

  14. Jeremiah nieves

    ( PLEASE BUY) Hello my name is Jeremiah I can’t really afford real shoes so I wanted to get some shoes from this app, I’ve been wanting these for a while so I bought them. THERE AMAZING PLEASE BUY THEN TRSUT Me you can really trust them I promise. And I am a real customer this may seem fake but it isn’t

  15. dannyboyy805

    Good shoe

  16. FloaSNKRS3107

    Will they be in stock soon?
    And if no when will they be ?

  17. Jayden Valerio

    do u need whats up to talk to the owner?

  18. Karma

    Can I buy this from the website or do I have to contact the seller?

  19. alexharmse365

    When will the “OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan 4 ‘Sail’” be restocked??

  20. Adair

    Do they come with the all the laces (Black, White, Tiffany Blue) that it would come with in retail pair?

  21. TMoney5

    Is the size in men’s or women’s?

  22. Umzt

    Do you deliver to germany

  23. kevin7380 (verified owner)

    Just perfect! Great quality such as their costumer support.

  24. Dean

    Do you ship to Australia?

  25. Gboy

    Is it possible to ship this in Luxembourg and if so will the customs let it pass

  26. Aaron

    How long does it take to come

  27. Jochem

    Do you deliver to the netherlands?

  28. thom

    do you diliver to texas

  29. Jesse

    Do you deliver to Bahrain?Do you also know any other good websites for reps that ship to Bahrain?

  30. Ante Cikojevic

    Can u deliver to Croatia?

  31. Liviu Vaduva

    can u delivery in romania?

  32. Gabriel Perez

    If I buy these rn when will they come?

  33. Tyler Glen

    do the shoes come with the og off white laces?

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