Air Jordan 4 Retro ‘Military Black’ High Quality Replica

  • At hypeunique, you can buy the best fake Jordan 4 Retro ‘Military Black’. Our factory used original shoe box, original material, original shoe logo. Whether it is the toe cap or the sole, the shape is 100% correct. You don’t need to worry about others telling the Military Black is reps. Hypeunique won’t let you down.
  • The Best Quality version on the rep game


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Customer Reviews

49 reviews for Air Jordan 4 Retro ‘Military Black’ High Quality Replica

  1. JW

    Came in good condition, and arrived in 15 days. they are pretty comfortable too.

  2. ReApeR 889 (verified owner)

    Super good quality passes all the legit checks, even the back tab flip lol. Very pleased and I’ll def buy again

  3. Jared Doria (verified owner)

    Great service yet again!!! side note: I recommend the express shipping (took 5 days to arrive)

  4. Gene415 (verified owner)

    High quality just like the description says.

    Image #1 from Gene415
  5. Florian (verified owner)

    Best shoes

    Image #1 from Florian
  6. kal0be (verified owner)

    Now im not a NPC but these shoes are super clean. They pass all the legit checking’s I honestly couldn’t find anything wrong about it. They came with a box aswelll. I highly rated this website and they were really supportive. Note: don’t use credit card because it 80% of time doesn’t work. I personally used zelle and it arrived in 11 days

    Image #1 from kal0be
  7. Samuel Clervil

    Very good quality it doesn’t come with black laces I’m sorry but I really love the material people at my school say it’s real thank you hype unique I will be making a video on my channel

    Image #1 from Samuel Clervil
  8. Ethan

    Exactly as shown in video, the back tab flicks up automatically, stitching looks identical to the real pair as well as the Jordan logo. My Jordan 4 Retro Military Blacks took about 2 weeks to arrive and came with the exact same Jordan 4 “Flight” Box. Thank you HypeUnique. (I ordered to United States by the way!)

  9. Kevin Juarez (verified owner)

    Good quality reps. Will be buying more from this site for sure. Also great customer service 👍.

  10. [email protected] (verified owner)

    so I ordered a pair of this and I had my doubts at first even my friends were like :YoU aRe GOnnA GeT sCamMed”
    but I ordered anyway and OMG they are amazing the Quality is awesome ong and the details everything is on spot man
    i fucking love them they are just like the real thing everything is perfect and the smell is not bad at ll like some people say.The only downsides of this order is that it takes kind of a long time to arrive(it took 20 days in total) but it doesn’t matter its worth the wait.A little disclaimer to anyone ordering
    with credit card it does have an extra fee like 5% but it not a big deal do not worry about it(for me its was 20$).To conclude, awesome quality and detail
    its worth it even the box was perfect and you have to trust the [email protected] processes do not worry they will come also their whats up is very active if you have any questions( and yes I am a real person:DDDDDDDDD)

    Image #1 from
  11. Marco (verified owner)

    Really fast communication and the shoes look very high quality. 100% worth it.

  12. Tanner

    These are fkn amazing! Look so realistic and pass the “legit checks”

  13. michael (verified owner)

    Amazing shoe everything was great when i got my order

  14. Andrzej Gajewski (verified owner)

    everythings fye

    Image #1 from Andrzej Gajewski
    Image #2 from Andrzej Gajewski
    Image #3 from Andrzej Gajewski
  15. Nahhhhhhh

    Idk if I should buy

  16. VLEMIT (verified owner)

    Best shop ever

  17. Chilead (verified owner)

    1:1 incredible and will be ordering more. Just take in mind that if your foot is wider, go for half size up.

  18. Barbara Romano (verified owner)

    great quality & fast delivery, ty ?

    Image #1 from Barbara Romano
  19. Morning Day (verified owner)

    They rlly valid fr

  20. Branson

    Does it come with the box or do I need to pay extra?

  21. Branson

    Does it come with a box, or do I have to request one?

  22. Adrian

    How long would they take to arrive in San Antonio TX

  23. Rahul Pandey (verified owner)

    I am hoping to order 5-6 pairs more will you able to give me some discount if i do that

    Image #1 from Rahul Pandey
  24. Tendosgoofy (verified owner)

    Great replica

  25. Lincoln

    Hello how long will it take to get to Mackay QLD Australia

    • HYPEUNIQUE (store manager)

      9-13 days

  26. pjesus09 (verified owner)

    The shoe overall is very good look the same as retail just a issue with the material ,the toe box is soft while in the retail the toebox is more stiff
    if you guys could change the material for a more stiffer and harder material it would make it a 5 star shoe but overall very great shoe its a must have

  27. Omar17072007

    Hi, Are they True to size or do they run big and also if I want a stock x tag should I email or WhatsApp. Thank you have a good day

  28. Nikola Ugarcina (verified owner)

    They arrived thanks man great quality

    Image #1 from Nikola Ugarcina
  29. Tony

    Great quality

  30. Max

    I really like this shoe and the rep website because I don’t really want to pay 300 for some real ones. And also really like the Travis scott reps.

  31. [email protected]

    How long does these to arrive in Italy?

  32. ali

    how long does it take to sent it to danmark ?

    i would really like to buy them but idk how long it would take

  33. Daniel

    How long do they take to get into the uk?

  34. Junior Villalobos

    How long to deliver to Long Island New York

  35. Gabe

    Look fire, how long to ship to Melbourne, aus?

  36. William (verified owner)

    They are so good

  37. xavier llamas (verified owner)

    10/10 replica would buy again.

  38. August

    how long is it gonna take to get to denmark?

  39. Divine

    I have a size 43 on air force so what size should I take. And how long does it take to ship to vienna

  40. sam

    when you put a uv light on it does it show a stamp?

  41. hh727hash (verified owner)

    How long to ship to Chicago

  42. Karl

    Hey how long does it take to ship to San Francisco ca?

  43. Bfgig


  44. Thomas

    Hey, if i order today when will it come home to me? I live in Norway

  45. Leti

    How long does these take to Germany?

  46. Jack

    how longs delivery to uk

  47. Saturnn

    These are very nice but do you have Size 7? or a 6.5

  48. ginodally03

    they look really nice and the same as the authentic ones!

    if i have a 43 of the air max tn which size do you recommend for these shoes? let me know..

  49. Ryze Miles

    Very nice shoe but do will you have it in size 13?

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