#Correct materials, made of original last paper, correct colour card, perfect details
#Original channel customization, delicate craftsmanship, excellent materials
#All details support genuine comparison, products only serve high-end customers
#All shoe leather comes from the original factory, correct midsole, correct adhesive.
1:1 replica. Top-quality


(14 customer reviews)

Features & Compatibility

Customer Reviews

14 reviews for AIR JORDAN 4 RETRO FIRE RED Replica

  1. PattyMayo

    how long does shipping usually take?

  2. 0339792 (verified owner)

    This ah legit site it was worth the wait cus Omg they look good

  3. CadenDaGerman

    I actually compared my fakes with my dad’s REAL ones and there were no visual mistakes or material wise either. The ONLY thing he could tell was sticking and color in the insoul. That doesn’t really matter because people look at the outside of the shoe, not the inside. Besides that they’re PERFECT!!! Thank you guys so much!

  4. Ricardo

    This shoe looks so good and exactly like the real one! Stitching is fantastic and the rest is amazing! Definitely buying from this website again.

  5. Ronny

    how long it take too come to finland?

  6. Jamal Liljeqvist

    How long does it take too come to sweden

  7. Yury

    How long is the shipment to italy?

  8. xxxvai

    how long would it take to ship in italy?

  9. joey

    how long will shipping be to new mexico?

  10. rob

    how long would it take for shipping to austin texas?

  11. johantalla240

    do they come as a pair and how long to ship to reading,uk

  12. Daddy

    How is stitching and can you tell it’s fake when you walk next to people

  13. John

    Are the bubbles meant to be red because I think they meant to be white

  14. Joel Van

    why are there red bubbles instead of white

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