A Bathing Ape Bape Shark 1st Camo Hoodie [5 Colorway] Replica

A Bathing Ape Bape Shark 1st Camo Hoodie [5 Colorway]

  • 5 Colorway: Red, Gray, Green, Blue, Purple
  • Plastic Bag Packaging
  • Good Quality Fabric & Print

Size Recommendation

  • True to Size.
  • Allow 1-3cm measurement error on the size chart.
  • Size: S-XXL


(26 customer reviews)

Features & Compatibility

Customer Reviews

26 reviews for A Bathing Ape Bape Shark 1st Camo Hoodie [5 Colorway] Replica

  1. Jessica Noto (verified owner)

    Amazing. I got the purple jacket and its perfect. Patches are on point, true to size, good quality, keeps me warm during the winter. Came with all the tags and even came in the bape bag. Jacket has all hidden apes and zips up great. I order sneakers all the time from this website so its great to see that clothing looks just as good. Would 100% recommend. 10/10

  2. glooms

    i’m looking forward to buying the black bape zip up. Can i see the shark face on the hood and also all the tags.

  3. Kash

    Can you make solid color bape hoodies like this with the good quality

  4. kashpaxk

    Can you make sold color bape hoodies

  5. Leonard Pegues (verified owner)

    You guys are the best

  6. Karl ?? (verified owner)

    this is amazing. i got it and wore it today and keep getting compliments about my hoodie. everyone thought it was real. 1 thing though, you have to be very careful with the zipper because i broke mine within the first 5 minutes of me getting it because i yanked it to hard. but i found a way to fix and when i zipped it up it looked, and felt amazing

  7. Mathias Perez

    Is thier tracking info

  8. malkolm

    is it made from 100% cotton, i think it looks really good!

  9. Lil Thane

    Are they made from cotton?

  10. Bobby

    Does the eyes look exactly the same as the real hoddie?

  11. Kalani

    Do y’all think you would ever start doing bape shoes?

  12. Trevon Mckeel (verified owner)

    Loved it

  13. Trevon Mckeel (verified owner)

    It was jus a lil bigger than expected buh overall rating I’ll give it a 4 . It was very comfortable && look 9.5/10 real

  14. Zqruxu

    So like the letters on their are stitched

  15. Nyrexic

    pretty good, slightly big but very minor

  16. 6god (verified owner)

    looks exactly like the real one. its fire asf. true to size as well

  17. Ivan

    How long does it take till I get it I live in CAL

  18. 1oneshot1kill37

    are these US sizings?

  19. mdøtt

    looking forward to ordering

  20. Joseph

    How do I buy them

  21. Jaden

    Are the letters on the head actually stitched on like in the picture ?

  22. Ariana

    When you buy them do all 5 come together ?sorry if it’s a dumb question

  23. edvinasaudargis (verified owner)

    What material is it made from

  24. Cuh Allan

    Do these look similar to the real ones and can you tell there fake?

  25. L’niyah Adams

    are these true to size? or would i need to size up?

  26. Pxmpyz?‍☠️

    How good does the WGM patches on the hoodie look. I want to buy the perfect replica if you guys could help me out and send pictures

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