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How to Pay in credit card on other website

Pay on a third-party website by credit card, Get wallet balance on HYPEUNIQUE. (Support more types of card)

Contact by WhatsApp or Email to get steps and info.

How it works

  1. Contact us to get the other website address
  2. Add something to the cart then pay with a credit card
  3. We will add the same value balance to your HYPEUNIQUE account/or process your current order directly
  4. You can use the balance to shop on HYPEUNIQUE

How to find your balance?

  1. Log in to your HypeUnique account
  2. Click My Account -> My Wallet
  3. (Wallet Top-up is not available on HypeUnique, contact us if you want to top up)

Why is this so difficult?

Most card services don’t support the business of rep goods. That’s why we use another website to get full access to the card service.

How long is the balance valid and is it refundable?

1 year and yes.

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