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How To Clean Replica Sneakers

If you want to extend the wearability of your sneakers, you should clean them regularly. Whether you need the dull color to pop again or to give your Jordan replica a fresh look, you only require a few cleaning materials. This post will discuss how to clean your sneakers without affecting the integrity of the material.

How to clean sneakers accurately

First, you should check the manufacturer’s care instructions. Materials like cotton, nylon, and polyester tend to be more durable, while rubber and suede require special care. Here is a step-by-step guide to ensuring you have clean replica shoes.

1. Remove the insoles and laces

When cleaning, you don’t want the laces to tangle up or wrap around the shoe.

2. Pre-cleaning

Use a brush to remove excess dirt or mud on your replica shoes. A gentle detergent is required for the insoles and laces.

3. Hand-wash your shoes

Fill a basin with water, add a mild detergent, and soak your shoes. An eraser can help remove dirt and water spots without messing up with the natural design. Use a toothbrush and baking soda to remove stains from your sneakers.

4. Air dry

If the manufacturer recommends avoiding direct sunlight, wrap your shoes with old towels. Stuffing a piece of cloth can speed things up

How to avoid shoe damage and fading

Avoid washing machine

A washing machine can compromise the structural integrity of your shoe. If the foam gets damaged, it won’t provide a responsive feel. Any shoe made of rubber or EVA should be hand-washed. Spot cleaning is always recommended.

Use warm water

Hot water can melt the glue that attaches the sole to the upper. It also causes shrinking and fading – use warm water in your cleaning routine.

How to clean various materials

Canvas, mesh, and wool

Remove the laces and wipe excess dirt with a soft brush. Next, add gentle detergent in water and soak the shoes for 15-20 minutes. Scrub with a cloth or sponge. Clean the exterior with a damp cloth and allow it to dry completely. Finally, rinse the laces with a diluted bleach solution and dry them.

The mesh part of a sneaker can be tricky to clean – use a foaming cleanser and a soft brittle brush. Air-dry your shoes.

Synthetic leather

Add a few drops of liquid soap in warm water, dip a soft brush into the mixture, and scrub the sneakers. A melamine sponge can tackle tough scuffs. Most Jordan replica shoes fall in this category.


The secret to cleaning shoes is drying them before any scrubbing. If you submerge them in water, they can discolor, and you risk damaging the velvety texture.

Soak a microfiber cloth in vinegar to buff out the tiny marks. For deeper scuffs, a crepe block eraser can do the job. Dry the shoes away from direct sunlight and brush them to restore the original texture.

While most sneakers can be cleaned with mild soap and water, some require special care. When washing your sneakers, the first step is to figure out what the shoes are made from. Next, follow the steps to clean the specific material. If you have white sneakers, you may need a cleaning powder to remove the stains.

Are you ready to give your replica sneakers a serious makeover?

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