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  1. really good and authentic 3rd time buying took around 20 days really good quality no problems just like real and come in bag like real( true to size)

    Image #1 from max reeser
    Image #2 from max reeser
    Image #3 from max reeser
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  2. These are amazing. I used to be scared to buy reps bc it stetchy but it was very worth it. Came in abt 2-3 weeks. The suede is amazing. I can’t wait to order more shoes.

    Image #1 from Rafael Rodriguez
    Image #2 from Rafael Rodriguez
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  3. These are amazing. I got them in around 2-3 weeks. It seemed a little sketchy at first because I had never ordered reps but it was totally worth it. Now I buy shoes from this website all the time. Thanks hypeunique!

    Image #1 from Rafael Rodriguez
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  4. Absolutely perfect quality! with original box and laces! nothing wrong with the sizes true to size and the suede is phenomenal!

    Image #1 from Tae Bullen
    Image #2 from Tae Bullen
    Image #3 from Tae Bullen
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  5. I loved a very good quality, Hamo, this page I recommend.

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  6. I loved them. A really good quality. I love this page.

    Image #1 from Edwin Rodriguez
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  7. 10/10 1:1 ratio they are perfect and comfortable they came faster than I expected do recommend

    Image #1 from Josue Diazdearmas
    Image #2 from Josue Diazdearmas
    Image #3 from Josue Diazdearmas
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  8. The best quality ever I love this site and came in 8 days !!! Impressive keep up the good work guys

    Image #1 from anila moon
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  9. Ordered mines June 14th (Father’s Day) and received today which is June 19th , It took 5 days and I’m ngl these jawns look identical , I been shopping with them for a while and these my first pair of Jordan that i actually fw !
    Don’t hesitate at all these jawns real as the other ones

    Image #1 from RN4L
    Image #2 from RN4L
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  10. Only issue is the hangtag came separted from the shoe

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  11. Hypeunique is legit 2nd time ordering from them

    Image #1 from Y
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  12. They are truly 1:1. Can’t tell a difference . Great buy!

    Image #1 from Travis
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  13. These shoes are amazing! I absolutely love them, and they really are 1:1 replicas down to even the smallest detail. They’re comfortable and true to size. This is my 2nd pair from hypeunique,and both buys were great I can’t wait to get a 3rd pair!

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  14. 🔥 1:1 for sure these are crazy how perfect they are. Very comfortable and true to size as well. Love the extra laces and the attention to detail.

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  15. shoes are actually incredible. they have a small flaw on the ankle logo. its smaller than the real one but its not noticable at all. the other reviews that say there are strings loose are correct. there are some loose strings but its easily able to be cut. the pink laces are a little frayed but other than that theyre amazing

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