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  1. Mostly good besides the really bad off placed fragment logo on the heel. I reached out to customer support and they could only compensate me for 15 dollars. Not too happy considering I have ordered a lot from here and the logo is almost underneath the black part of the heel on the right shoe.

    Image #1 from Sneakerhead23
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  2. I love mine!! The only thing I don’t really like is the laces but other then that they look really good

    Image #1 from Conor
    Image #2 from Conor
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  3. Just got these they look so good. Just minor flaws like no dust bag ( as the manager said). Some stitching errors but you can cut them off. Lace bag cut under the zip. On feet looks A1. Takes like 2 weeks.

    Image #1 from Sneaker604
    Image #2 from Sneaker604
    Image #3 from Sneaker604
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  4. Se tardaron 14 días en llegarme y pagué para que llegaran en 1 semana,LOS ZAPATOS ESTA PERFECTOS NO SE NOTA QUE SON FALSOS Y PARECEN TOTALMENTE REALES,LOS RECOMIENDO

    Image #1 from Luis Lorenzo Mayo Castro
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  5. so comfy like nothing ive had before and i have a great collection, in the pic on this web it looks like it has some orangey brown but its mostly grey but you can see a slight tint of brown on bottom of side 1:1 shoe its 100% look like authentic but box is a bit beat i have wide feet and wear 12.5 and size 13 is perfect with a bit of room and i have very sensitive feet but these are my most comfy shoes now. dont buy foam runners from dhgate buy from here.

    Video #1 from max reeser
    Video #2 from max reeser
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  6. Top quality material if not used for every day. The only bad side is how the charge port is tucked in a way that makes u bend the back to plug up & charge. Highly recommend to purchase.

    Image #1 from Chris
    Image #2 from Chris
    Image #3 from Chris
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  7. They’re honestly 1:1 other than the “air jordan” stitching on the inside of the tounge. Which you wouldn’t have to worry about because it’s in the inside of the shoe. The suede moves good but shoe comes with strong sharpie like smell. Took almost a month to ship to texas but other than that no complaints

    Image #1 from Blaze
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  8. Pretty good quality. Nice and thick and comfortable. The puff print could be a bit better. Came with few mistakes. True to size. It fits perfect.

    Image #1 from Anthony martinez
    Image #2 from Anthony martinez
    Image #3 from Anthony martinez
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  9. Came in about 2 weeks. Quality is amazing honestly I didn’t expect them to be this good. I don’t see any differences in these from the real pair. Font behind nike air tag on the tongue isn’t perfect but that’s it that I can tell. Came with black, brown, pink and red laces. Box is correct.

    Image #1 from Anon
    Image #2 from Anon
    Image #3 from Anon
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  10. Top quality. If they line up the lace’s holes would be perfect 👌

    Image #1 from Gregoris
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  11. I love these shoes .

    Image #1 from L dawg
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  12. Could be a little thicker but it has the puff print and all and overall really good, true to size

    Image #1 from Kb
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  13. THIS IS A REVIEW ON SOLELY ON THE BOX OF THE YEEZY SLIDES. I have another more detailed review that goes very deep into the product in general and I wanted to add to that review and correct it under the name of Sneaker Nomics. I inspected and did some more research on the slide box and turns out its not 1:1. The box is slightly greater in size than a real Yeezy box, they are a more darker brown than a real Yeezy slidebox, the card board is more thinner and grainier in texture than the real Yeezy slide box so therefore the box will get damaged (real Yeezy slide boxs should have little to no damage when delivered due to the very strong cardboard and its durability). Also all the fonts of the writings on the exterior of the box is faded and not as darkest as it should be. I know this was a negative review compared to my previous review but the box does not matter unless you are planning on reselling replicas which you should definetely not do. So yes, these slides are still 100% worth it because the slides are what matters and they are 1:1. I just wanted to inform the people who want to know absolutely everything involved in the product before buying.

    Image #1 from Sneaker Nomics
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  14. My product arrived 2-3 days late but the quality is great for a $58 replica. There were 1-2 very tiny mistakes on the slides that took me quite a while to spot so unless you run into a shoe expert people will definetely think they’re real. I got 1.5 sizes up and they basically fit exact but if you have feet that are currently growing get 2 sizes up for an open feel and so you can wear it longer without them growing out. When they fit you exact then it may feel a little tight at first before getting used to. The box is 1:1 and I am a professional authenticity checker and the only problem with the box is there are a couple exterior creases but of course that’s normal and doesn’t have anything to do with it being replicas. It says “YZY” on the box but do not worry because some boxes say “YEEZY” and some say “YZY” on real Yeezy, it just depends what model they are. I got this for experimental purposes and what I have to say is if you buy real Yeezy slides for hundreds of dollars then you are not very intelligent unless you are getting them for reselling purposes because these are nearly the same for about 1/4 of the price but I wouldn’t get the other bones because they are the same price as these and I’m assuming these say “Best Rep Version” for a reason. No, I’m not a bot and I was skeptical of some of the reviews at first being fake but then I realized they are all most probably real people because HypeUnique sells a grand amount of shoes. Thank you HypeUnique team I will guarantee I will be buying a product again.
    Service: 5/5
    Quality: 4.5/5
    Shipping time: 4/5
    Final rating : 4/5 (I would do 4.5/5 but that is not an option.)

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  15. Took 2 weeks to ship, minor mistakes good rep but bad suede and dirty Box but very good rep

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