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  1. Overall, great replica. Shipping took forever. As for quality, the shoe smelled horrible of glue. But, there’s an easy fix; just let them sit to air out.
    The white shoe lace came damaged (little pieces of string) and the box was slightly damaged. The suede on the shoe is NON EXISTANT. I would also recommend to put the shoe lace hole closer in the middle, and at least try to make the holes the same size lol. Other than that, no damages.

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  2. Hoodie was smaller compared to other hoodies from here this is the 4 hoodie I have bought and it was way smaller compared to the other ones I have no changed in size at all in the last 5 months so I don’t know other there was a bunch of problems with the Sitiching they have sent a replacement hoodie and I will update when I get it

    Video #1 from ant b
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  3. the shoes over all is grate quality the only down side to it it’s there is a lot of glue marks around the sole of the shoe and scuffs on the sole them self’s

    Image #1 from Carlos Salas
    Image #2 from Carlos Salas
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  4. The shoe looks really good! But they sent me the wrong size…. Their customer service tried telling me that US 12 is 13.5 in UK sizing which is not true it’s a size 11.

    Image #1 from Ricky Cardenas
    Image #2 from Ricky Cardenas
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  5. Pretty visible glue on the outside, disappointed about that. Overall quality is good just disappointed how the glue is in the suede and nubuck

    Image #1 from him
    Image #2 from him
    Image #3 from him
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  6. I like the shoes it came in 2 weeks , just dont like the fact it didn’t come with a box

    Image #1 from Antonio Dickerson
    Image #2 from Antonio Dickerson
    Image #3 from Antonio Dickerson
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  7. Great quality terrible shipping payed 35 for fast shipping and it was arrived late not 5-7 and this not the first time shipping get horrible

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  8. Great quality the shoes amazing bit it gets 3 star because shipping is horrible I payed for extra fast shipping an my item arrived late and this isn’t the first time this has happened

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  9. The quality is good everything is good and detail but the only one that really matter that I wish they make it more perfect 1:1 is the pink gum in outsole. Its way too off than the real pair. If they have one thing to change maybe this one. Look the picture I posted and compare to the authentic version. Hope this review helps

    Image #1 from Levi
    Image #2 from Levi
    Image #3 from Levi
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  10. box was really messed up and not like real but slides were fine but for 80 bucks not worth it.

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  11. Haven’t got

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  12. Los zapatos todavía no están ni en EEUU tenía que llegar hoy pero no llegaron,si llegan a llegar pondré otra reseña.

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  13. Are these reflective or not in the title it says no reflective but in the pictures it shows it being reflective and in the bio it says that they are reflective

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  14. Disappointed in these sneakers first off I placed my order early December some how they never made it to me. So I kept emailing back and forth about the issue and finally after a month later hypeunique sent a replacement pair. Finally received my order today and what a disappointment sneaker have flaws missing shoe trees and I’ve been a loyal customer who’s purchased over a dozen pairs of sneakers and Iam now done with hypeunique not worth the gamble these sneakers are below retail but still are expensive and iam now taking my business elsewhere. Good luck everyone if you decide to make a purchase here just an fyi its nerve wracking not know what your going to get or not get like me!!✌

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  15. Received after 10 days, the finish is quite ok. few minus, the blue zig zag not quite in proportion. The upc code does not match. if you look up the upc code at UPC check, it says that the shoe is size 46. But it’s a size 43. The laces on mine are not rolled up in a circle. But otherwise in terms of material and finish, they are really top. So sorry I have to give 7/10 because in my eyes the simplest details that could give 10/10 are not met

    Image #1 from Adrix
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