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  1. shoes are alright but they didn’t communicate about not being able to do fast shipping until i asked what was taking so long and then they don’t come with the box and it doesn’t say they don’t come with the box but other than that the shoes are fine

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  2. Shoes look amazing but the box was badly beaten up. I wanted to use it as a decoration but can’t anymore.

    Image #1 from Aiden Gagnon
    Image #2 from Aiden Gagnon
    Image #3 from Aiden Gagnon
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  3. Bought a pair about a month ago. They looked good For the first couple weeks but the build quality isn’t very good. All the adhesive they used to build the shoes wasn’t dry so the inside of the shoe was sticky and there is loose threads everywhere on the shoe’s. I also bought a pair of jordans and the build quality on them was a lot better

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