White Ink Wash Distressed T-Shirt


  • The fabric is woven by imported machines. The weight of the fabric is 230 grams, and it can reach 250 grams after washing. It is matched with 320 grams of 1*1 rib, 4 colors of environmentally friendly dyed fabrics, and the thread has no color difference in the same cylinder.
  • Garment dyed, washed and fried snowflakes, heavily aged and whitened. The hat neckline pocket edge cuffs front and rear threads The details of the holes are clearly visible. The printing is printed with Japanese BROTHER white ink digital direct-injection garment printing, and the embroidery is high-density embroidery by Tajima.
  • Old-fashioned and embroidery elements are added to increase the interest of the clothing; forming a unique visual effect.
  • Professional factory, 1:1 same as the original