Contrast color stitching jacket


  • With press-fit cap brim and personalized adjustable buckle design, imported BEHRINGER high-precision embroidery machine and imported embroidery thread, presenting a three-dimensional and full effect, and the fabric is also customized with pure imported waterproof adhesive coating, the elasticity and stretching degree can be adjusted according to the clothing It can be changed in various states, and the performance of waterproof adhesive will not be affected by random cleaning, sun protection, folding, and rubbing
  • Professional factory, 1:1 same as the original

  • We need 1-2 days to prepare your package. If the product has quality problems, we need to go to the warehouse to replace it.
  • After the package is sent out, we will send you a Tracking email.
  • The package will be delivered in 7-10 days.
  • Protect your shoe box with a protective box.
  • If the package is seized and lost by customs, we will re-ship it for free.
  • Except for Switzerland, Japan and South Korea, other countries do not need to pay custom tax.