If you are a newbie, you might think fake goods or replica sneakers are synonymous with poor quality? Not, with the development of replica factories and the technology sharing of genuine factories, more and more Replicas have the characteristics of stability and high quality. For example, Pk god and H12. They are all leaders in top replica sneakers.

What is pk god?

Pk God is the name of the top quality replica version of replica sneakers. It comes from Putian, China, and has an excellent reputation in the fake sneakers industry in the US, UK, and Australia. Among them, Yeezy 350 V2, Yeezy 500, and Yeezy 700 are all the rage.

Why do you need pk god?


The Pk God factory only produces expensive limited popular Yeezy. The price of a pair of pk god Yeezy is around 120 dollars. The price of Off White AJ1 “the 10” is as high as $ 5,000, and choosing pk god saves a lot of money.

High quality on pk god

Pk god’s material is consistent with the original. Besides, every pair of PK gods will purchase the original molds and design samples from StockX before production. Both the shoe label and the label are the same as the genuine one. Perfect detail is the main reason why pk god is popular.

Efficient service

Generally, sellers who can sell Pk god are powerful. Therefore, their after-sales policies, speed of response, and ability to solve problems are often highly efficient. And you don’t have to worry about our website being removed.

Find your pk god on hype unique

Please double-check every detail in the picture, they are perfect.

If you receive the goods different from the picture, we are willing to give you a refund. The Pk god we sell is the best quality on the market. If you want to buy Yeezy for $ 40-50, then we are not for you.