What is the insurance and how does it work?

Depending on your country’s/region’s law and jurisdiction, it may be unlawful to purchase replicas. Custom officials from certain countries may conduct random checks and may confiscate your order should they deem it to be unlawful. Our insurance option provides for a one-time free replacement at no extra charge, should your original order be seized by customs.

If you are concerned that your order may be confiscated by customs, we highly recommend adding an insurance coverage.

An insurance coverage will cost 7% (min as 10$)(For example, for an order with142$ the insurance is 10$) per order. In the event of a seizure by customs, we will reship your order once for free.

In the absence of insurance, we will charge for the second shipment. If a refund is requested, only part of it can be refunded.

Insurance coverage acts as a safeguard against seizure of reps by your local country’s customs only. In the uncommon event of a seizure by authorities, we will provide a ONE-TIME free reship of your order.

We will request for adequate proof of seizure (official letterheads, proof of contact) as we deem fit. All claims would have to be made to our side. Our decision is final and absolute.