You should proactively contact the carrier to determine a suitable and safe delivery method. We do not provide compensation for the loss of the package due to theft after receipt of the package, we hope you can understand.
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No, we don't accept rush orders.
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We are using the available fastest shipping option, although we would like to make it faster, but there is no a bunch of available carriers.
Shipping time is depends. Contact us to check the rough shipping time to your area.
  1. Place your order
  2. Payment info will be sent by email, if not, contact us to get. Available payment methods
  3. Pay through the method you choose then let us know.
  4. we will ship in 2-3 days(If item is restocking, we will ship when restock / If out of stock, we will give notify)
  5. Tracking send in 2-3 days after we send out the package
  6. Shipments will arrive in a certain time based on the carrier and destination area.(For some carriers status will update after a while.)
Our website does not have an automatic deduction function. Orders must be paid manually before they can be processed and shipped. Please complete the payment and provide proof of payment according to the payment information we sent. If you reply directly to the payment but there is no proof of payment, we did not find corresponding transaction, We will no longer reply and explain.